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"I'll be 50 years old in March and although I'm not terribly overweight, I've been feeling tired all the time and my clothes were getting downright tight all over. I tried lowering my food intake and counting my calories. I even stopped eating bread and chips and drinking any soda. But, my sedentary lifestyle was continuing to creep up on me. Since I saw your website and emailed and started our One-on-One Personal Training Program I'm already fitting back into my clothes and I even don't mind that cardio you keep making me do! Thank you, Beverly for continuing to knock at my door and making me exercise! Keep those squats coming!"

from LG, Laveen, AZ.

Working out with Beverly I have noticed big changes! She made it easier to stick to my goal by creating a workout plan that was just for me. She took the time to get to know my personality, and knows how to push me hard enough, but isn't a drill sergent. Thank you Beverly for being the butt-kicker I need!"

from SM, AZ.

"My name is Todd and I worked out with Beverly more than five years ago on a bi-weekly basis for over a year. During that time I experienced the most notable growth in muscle mass of any training before or since. I have been in training for a lot of my life and as a Martial Arts instructor I am aware how easily injuries can occur. When working with Beverly I was always taken through the proper warm-up exercises before the harder workouts and I credit that for avoiding any injury during my time with her. Beverly teaches techniques that make sure your workout is conducted carefully, safely and effectively to make sure the maximum results are safely achieved. Beverly is not only a calm caring instructor, but a well trained muscle expert (I think the term is kinesiologist) that knows how to not only strenthen muscles that are neglected, but also change up the exercises to keep the muscles from knowing what to expect so they keep getting bigger. I am still using the exercises I learned from Beverly because quite frankly; they give me the best results. I thank you Beverly for all the help and care."

from Todd Nelson, Pasadena, CA.

"I always thought a personal trainer was a luxury, like a chauffeur or a chef -- something for rich people rather than regular people. So I tried Jazzercise. I tried Curves. I tried walking. I tried climbing stairs. But until I started training with Beverly, those extra inches simply wouldn't come off. Getting that regular dose of encouragement along with just enough challenge to keep me interested has made all the difference -- In just 3 months I went from 35 to 30% body fat and got back into my size 8 clothes. It's wonderful to know that regular people CAN have personal trainers...Beverly makes it work!"

LS, Phoenix

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