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Beverly Brewer Karpinski, C.P.T.

Credentials include:
•    Owner and director of "Fit to the Core" In-Home Personal Training
•    Health and Fitness Inc. Certified Personal Trainer, 2001
•    A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, 2004
•    Certified Master Fitness by Phone Coach, 2005
•    Associate of Applied Science in Exercise, Strength & Nutrition, 2009
•    Wellness Editor, Puma Press, 2007-2008
•    Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise & Wellness, 2015
•    Fitness Manager & Director, Curves for Women, 2004-2006
•    In-Home personal training, 2002-Present
•    Personal Trainer, Naturally Women, 2004-2006
•    Personal Trainer, Total Woman, 2001-2004
•    Core Stability Specialty Training, Health and Fitness, Inc., 2001
•    Advanced Biomechanics Training, Health and Fitness, Inc., 2001

Can you really get fit over the telephone?
Not only can you get fit, but you will learn to become self-motivated and exercise on your own. You will become more consistent and dedicated to your fitness program. Some of my clients say that this is the first time they have been successful in reaching their fitness goals. This program allows you to have complete control over where and when you work out. You will also have access to me 24/7 by email, phone, or fax.

How exactly does your fitness phone coaching work?

My phone coaching programs require you to fill out a weekly fitness diary. We begin by working together to set fitness goals for the week. You will fill out your diary on a daily basis recording when you work out, how long you work out, and how many calories you burned throughout the day from exercise and from your activities of daily living. You will receive feedback tools that will help you to fill out your diary, such as a Caltrac and a heart rate monitor. You are free to work out wherever and whenever you like. After you complete your diary you will fax it to me, usually the night before our appointment. You will call me the next day at a specified time, after I've had a chance to go over your diary. During our phone session we will discuss the results, any problems you had and set your goals for the next week based on your results the previous week. We will discuss any problems or obstacles you had during the week and try to come up with solutions for the next week.

What is the Caltrac?
The Caltrac is like a little micro-computer - the first of its kind - that tracks how many calories you are burning throughout the day. You enter your height, weight, age and sex into the unit and it actually calculates the number of calories your body burns through your movement and an average of your basal metabolic rate. The Caltrac is worn on your waistband throughout the day. It's only about the size of a pager. It will determine the number of calories you need to burn in order to reach your weight loss goals. It is within 2 to 5% accurate of your actual caloric expenditure. The great part is that you can actually see on the display screen how many calories you've burned throughout the day. This is a real motivator. No more guessing if you're burning enough calories. Now you'll know just how many you're burning during and after your workouts on a daily and weekly basis. It is the main feedback tool used in my fitness phone coaching program.

Which is better for weight loss - a low fat diet or a low carb diet?
Neither. Diets don't work. When it comes to being overweight, diets are the culprit. Yes, you can lose weight, but it will be regained when you go off your diet. Low fat diets have been popular for many years now, yet obesity has become an epidemic in our country and around the world. Americans are fatter than ever. Most low fat products are heavily refined foods with not much nutritional value. Another problem with low fat is that people think because it's low fat they can eat more of it. Low fat doesn't always mean low calories. Our bodies actually need a certain amount of fat. Of course, all fat isn't created equal. Limit your saturated fats, eliminate any products with hydrogenated oils or trans fatty acids and include some essential fatty acids in your diet which you will find in foods such as salmon, tuna and raw nuts.

Low carb diets aren't any better. Most low carb diets are too low in calories, which is going to slow down your metabolism. It's not healthy to cut out an entire food group. Carbohydrates give us energy to perform activities of daily living. They provide us with the fuel we need to exercise. There are so many healthy carbohydrates to choose from. It's not necessary to eliminate all of them. Limit the refined carbohydrates such as white flour and white rice and add a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

I recommend to my clients to stop dieting and become an intuitive eater. Food is one of life's pleasures and should be enjoyed. There are no forbidden foods. Become an intuitive eater and you will enjoy food once again. If you would like to know more about intuitive eating refer to my article (at the top of this page) "Experts Say Diets Don't Work."

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