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Welcome to Fit to the Core’s “Everything you ever wanted to know about fitness” blog. Everyday people are bombarded with conflicting health and fitness messages by the media. It can be overwhelming. I hope to clear up some of those conflicting messages by sharing what I have learned over the years and what I am still learning. The fitness industry is a young industry that is constantly changing and evolving. Let me clear up some of the confusion.

Beverly Brewer Karpinski

Healthy Restaurants Can Be Found!

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably tired of all the corporate chain restaurants that seem to have taken over.  My husband and I are always on the lookout for those small, intimate and unique restaurants and cafes that are serving up something different (and healthy).


I don’t eat out often since my husband is a wonderful, gourmet cook.  He love’s to cook for me!  However, when I do drag him out of the  kitchen, I want something special.  I have found a handful of small, family owned restaurants that I would definitely recommend to anyone living in the Phoenix area.  Not only do they have great menus, but also fresh, healthy options. They can all be found in North Phoenix/North Scottsdale area.

One of my favorites is Catia’s Kitchen.  Mike and Esther, the owners and chefs, are both graduates of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute.  You will find an eclectic menu that offers some great salads, seafood and mexican dishes.  Esther makes the most outstanding salad dressings!  However, be prepared to wait awhile.  Everything is made from scratch and they have a very small kitchen and dining room.  You’re welcome to bring your own wine to drink while you wait (no corkage fee). They serve lunch and dinner and are open Tuesday through Saturday.

If you’re in the mood for something spicy, just go a few doors down from Catia’s Kitchen and you’ll find Sala Thai – spicy thai dishes that are out of this world.  It’s a very tiny place and fills up fast on the weekend.  You’re also welcome to bring your own beer or wine.  You’ll love their reasonable prices. This is our favorite place for take out.

If you want a real taste treat you’ll want to check out Eden’s Grill, a Middle Eastern restaurant (Iraqi style mediterranean food). I would eat here every week if I could afford it. Marcus, the owner, really makes you feel wecome. His wife, Shalem, makes everything from scratch. Very intimate! – only about 8 or 9 tables. Mediterranean cuisine is very heart healthy and, of course, delicious. You’ll be disappointed if you stop by on a Sunday. They’re only open Monday through Saturday.

For some fresh, healthy Indian cuisine you will not want to miss Bombay Spice. You will find great prices, great food, and an elegant atmosphere. Most of their dishes are less than 500 calories per serving, no added butter, ghee, or cream sauces and they go light on the olive oil. Additionally, there is no added salt in the Chapatti, which they bake fresh daily. If you’re vegan you will feel right at home.

My favorite special occasion restaurant is Nina’s Tutti Santi. This is your traditional Italian restaurant serving Nina’s family recipes. Okay, I know, this isn’t exactly the healthiest food around but my philosophy is there are no forbidden foods. It’s our restaurant of choice for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, etc. Nina’s lasagne is the lightest, melt in your mouth recipe I have ever tasted! My husband’s favorite are the homemade raviolis. Everything on their menu is delicious.

Fresh Mint is an asian style restaruant that serves a vegan menu. I have not personally visited this restaurant, but it was recently recommended to me by a friend. You will find mostly vietnamese cuisine. It may be worth trying out. I’m planning on trying it out soon. I will let you know how it is.

One last recommendation is the Fitness Cafe. This is a great, healthy breakfast and lunch cafe. You body builders will love this place! You will find eggs dishes and oatmeal for breakfast, and sandwichs, salads, pasta, and smoothies for lunch. Each menu item lists the calories, carbs, proteins, fat and fiber content. They have an extensive menu of items.

Let me know what you think of my restaurant choices! And of course, I’m always looking for new places to try out. Let me know your favorites!

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Beverly Brewer Karpinski
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