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Welcome to Fit to the Core’s “Everything you ever wanted to know about fitness” blog. Everyday people are bombarded with conflicting health and fitness messages by the media. It can be overwhelming. I hope to clear up some of those conflicting messages by sharing what I have learned over the years and what I am still learning. The fitness industry is a young industry that is constantly changing and evolving. Let me clear up some of the confusion.

Beverly Brewer Karpinski

Fitness on a Budget: Part II

Would you like to set up a home gym but are concerned about the cost?  There is no need to purchase a lot of expensive equipment.  It is also not necessary to purchase everything new.  There are so many options for purchasing inexpensive exercise equipment.


Many people purchase exercise equipment with good intentions, yet end up never using the items.  They end up being put in a yard sale or advertised in the newspaper and on-line sites, such as craigslist and eBay.  This is a great place to start.  You can also purchase used equipment at used fitness equipment retail stores, such as Play It Again Sports. There are many inexpensive items that you will probably want to buy new for safety reasons.

Some great items for any home gym include  a jump rope, stability ball and other small training balls, two or three medicine  balls of various weights, tubing and bands, and a few pair of dumbbells and a stretching mat.  One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the Reebok Step with several risers.  This is great for warming up and for some killer leg workouts.  It can also double as a weight bench.  These are your basics, and really all you need for a good workout.

If you have more dollars to spend and would like some more variety, I would suggest adding some balance equipment, such as a Bosu Trainer (available at Costco at a great price), dyna discs, and a balance board of some kind.  There are many varieties available.  If you need more weights, you may want to purchase a power block, which saves space.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to purchase any equipment at all to get started.  Utilize the stairs in your home or work, fill up a pair of tube socks with sand, get out some canned goods for weights.  A couple of bleach bottles filled with sand and placed on each end of a broom stick makes a great barbell.  Get creative!

This is a great start for a home gym.  You can always add more expensive items later on, if you wish.  However, you can get a GREAT workout with these items.  Warm-up before and after your workout and don’t forget to stretch!

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Beverly Brewer Karpinski
Beverly Brewer Karpinski
• Owner and director of "Fit to the Core" In-Home Personal Training
• Health and Fitness Inc. Certified Personal Trainer, 2001
• A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, 2004
• Certified Master Fitness by Phone Coach, 2005
• Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer Certificate, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, AZ, 2008
• Wellness Editor, Puma Press, 2007-2008
• Currently in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise & Wellness.
• Fitness Manager & Director, Curves for Women, 2004-2006
• In-Home personal training, 2002-Present
• Personal Trainer, Naturally Women, 2004-2006
• Personal Trainer, Total Woman, 2001-2004
• Core Stability Specialty Training, Health and Fitness, Inc., 2001
• Advanced Biomechanics Training, Health and Fitness, Inc., 2001

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